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Professional Headphones

PPYOS optimizes efficiency, user experiences, and positions the company at the forefront of technological advancements.

End-To-End execution and validation of 4G/5G Networks.


Execution and validation of 4G/5G Network Functions.


  • Single handy UI for all RAT operations, No prior knowledge required to use the tool.

  • Easily integrated with any of the automation framework, even with postman.

  • Real Time Telecom operations can be performed like real audio call , video call , live streaming, latency and lagging.

  • Execute, Validate multiple vendor core network in parallel to drive the 3gpp compliance matrix.

High Performance & EFFICIENCY

  • 3gpp compliance support till release 17.6

  • 2K gNodeB/eNodeB support.

  • 5 Million Subscribers(UE) support.

  • AI powered Troubleshooting capability with inbuilt pre log analysis of DUT and viewing call flow ladder without capturing and debugging from wire shark logs.

  • 3gpp compliance comparison  different vendors core network and even compare the performance of different releases.

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